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Kurt Cobain

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Download lagu Kurt Cobainmp3 terbaru
Download lagu Kurt Cobainmp3 terbaru
Kurt Cobain
Owen Ovadoz

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Category: Hiphop/Rap, Pop/Pop Ballad

Lyrik Lagu Kurt Cobain

I'm such a nihilistic jerk half the time
I'm so fucking sarcastic at times and at other times
I'm so vulnerable and and so sincere and that's pretty much
How every song comes out
It's like a mixture of both of them
And that's pretty much how most people our age are
They're sarcastic one minute and then caring
I'm just as pissed off about the things
That made me pissed off few years ago
And it's not necessarily personal things
It's rave and violence
Yeah, I'm pissed off about everything in general
And so all these songs are pretty much about my battle
With things that piss me off
And that's just the whole theme of whole album

Download Lagu Kurt Cobain Mp3

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