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My Bloody Valentine

- Tata Young 0
Download lagu My Bloody Valentine gratis
Download lagu My Bloody Valentine gratis
My Bloody Valentine
Tata Young

Download Lagu My Bloody Valentine Mp3 Gratis

Category: Pop

Lyrik Lagu My Bloody Valentine

Love my ! Love my !
"Love my, love my"
I still love my, love my !
"My, my, my"
My valentine drawing rings around me
Hanging by a thread but we're loosening
The sparks were flying, the type that we need
Bringing a fire that is burning me
"Burning me"
"I know"
Nobody said that it'll be easy
"My heart"
That we could find a way, make a way
"But you don't"
You don't prioritize me
How am I suppose to believe ?
Your games will ever change !
"Ever change"
It's such a dirty mess
Imperfect at it's best !
But it's my, love my, love my
Bloody valentine !
Sometimes I wanna leave
But then I watch you next to me
I love my, love my
Maybe I should but I still can't just walk away
Tried to convince me once again
That I should stay !
Through all the brokeness
This bleeding heart must confess !
Love my, love my
I still love my, love my
I opened doors
But you closed them on me !
I'm compromising, won't you show the same ?
"Help the change"
Your phone is ringing, it says shorty
So tell me !
What's her name ?
How did she getcha number ?
Don't try to be playing me !
"Because I'll know"
Before you even say anything
"But I hope"
You wouldn't lie to me, don't lie to me !
"You know"
That we've been here before
Oh, don't patronize, don't feed me lines !
Just change your ways
Yeah, make it right !
Oh, Bloody valentine !

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